Eupnea Clinic is studying sleep apnea syndrome. It is common in the population, in snoring people, with excessive drowsiness or a bad night’s rest.

It can also occur in people with a history of arrhythmias, heart attacks or headaches. Overweight and poor blood pressure control are also associated with it.

A pulmonologist will perform the medical evaluation and recommend the most appropriate diagnostic study to the person you have consulted. It will issue the report of the medical tests performed and will follow up in the event of a diagnosis of the syndrome.

The possible recommended treatments are:

  • Posturals
  • Ventilatory devices
  • Hygienic sleep measures and advice from a psychologist if necessary
  • Review by an otolaryngologist in case of nasal, tonsil or other abnormalities
  • Mandibular advancement prosthesis or review by a dentist
  • Cardiological examination when the syndrome is severe.