Nursery is one of areas of health dedicated to care and attention. Its main purpose is to assist sick and injured people through clinical assistance.

Although nursing has many specialties, its main functions ara based in four pillars: assistance, research, training, administration and plannig of medical care.

Nursing professionals perform an important job as they provide many services to other areas of the health system. They are fundamental because on many times, they are first in take to action with the first cares, assessing physical, social and psychological aspects of the patient.

Thus, nursers carry out activities like:

  • Care and protection of the patients when treatment and recovery is happening.
  • Control and assistance of the patien when is necessary.
  • Follow-up of the illness evolution and applied treatments.
  • Support to patient relatives and caregivers.
  • Appointment management.
  • Drugs application.
  • Facilitate information about the care to be carried out, disprove misleading news and spread the information, in order to contribute to the resolution of the patient’s problems at a health level.

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World Health Organization (WHO), proposes reorienting Primary Health Care (PHC) in processes and responsabilities grouped into intervention levels:

  • Basics procedures. Its main goal is the realization of technical procedures, where access to care information and patient problems suitability are included.
  • Patient health and prevention behaviors and activities. Its is focused on carrying out regular tests and reviews on healthy patients and those with chronic diseases in order to detect or prevent the appearance of new pathogens and the advancement of diseases. It is fundamental that nursers carry out these preventive actions to care of the patients.
  • Follow-up and control. Facing and adapting to an illness is not always easy for the patient. The PHC team is the first to manage and provide psychological support and physical care to achieve an adaptation phase of an illness, loss or condition.
  • For a nurse, create awareness about their own care for each patient, is a challenge. Nursers have the mission of approach problems and alteration which can be suffered by patients through identication of possible diseases, for example: support during its treatment.


  • Care for minor, acute or chronic health problems.
  • Preventive activities.
  • Home visits.
  • Health education (information and training of some procedures).
  • Technical assitance (healings, extractions, drug applications, collaboration in minor surgical interventions, etc.).
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