The specialty ofGynecology and Obstetrics is dedicated to meeting the needs of the integral health of women, both in terms of prevention and monitoring of a possible pathology.

The branch of Gynecology studies and treats diseases of the female reproductive system : menstrual disorders, breast pathologies, menopause , etc.; and the branch of Obstetrics , provides comprehensive care to women throughout their fertile period ( pregnancy, birth and postpartum )

Other types of problems are also treated, such as menopause, the study of women’s sexual and reproductive health, contraception, sterility, hormonal problems , etc.

A regular gynecological examination is necessary to prevent and detect any alterations that may exist.

On the other hand, at Clínica Eupnea we have nutritionists specialized in treating women’s hormonal health.

Providing the right nutrients can help balance a woman’s hormonal balance and thus help regulate menstruation, relieve premenstrual or menstrual syndrome, enhance fertility and prepare before or after pregnancy. It can also help reduce the symptoms of menopause.



  • Abdominal ultrasound : This is a test that works using sound waves or ultrasound. It is carried out for pregnant women for prenatal control in which the correct development of the fetus is checked by an image of the embryo inside the placenta.
  • Transvaginal Gynecological Ultrasound and Color Doppler : It is the examination test of the uterus, cervix, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. With this test, the detection of benign and neoplastic pathologies can be achieved. For this reason, it is recommended that all women perform this test periodically.
  • Cytology : Vaginal cytology studies the cells that are obtained by scraping the cervix. Thanks to this test, many cancerous diseases can be quickly detected, such as cervical cancer, associated with the Human Papilloma Virus. The general recommendation for healthy patients is a cytology every 2 years.
  • Clinical Analysis : It consists of a laboratory test where the sample is obtained from blood, urine, feces, etc. It is usually requested by the specialist doctor as a complementary test to confirm or rule out a diagnosis.
  • Study of sexually transmitted diseases (ETS test) :
  • Mammary ultrasound : Ultrasound imaging technique. A breast ultrasound allows, for example, to distinguish between solid tumors and cysts. It is usually a test that is complemented with mammography.
  • Gynecological Biopsies : A biopsy is a type of test which consists of removing a piece of tissue to be examined in a laboratory in order to establish a diagnosis and treatment. In the case of gynecology, there are three types of biopsies depending on the location of the tissue to be removed: endometrial biopsy (performed in the uterus); cervical or cervix biopsy (performed on the cervix); vulvar biopsy (this is an external biopsy)
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