Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy


Ordinary people know Pelvic Physiotherapy professionals as pelvic physiotherapists and/or physiotherapists specializing in women’s health.

A more technical name would be Urogynecological and Obstetric Physiotherapy.

In our specialty, we treat women globally to maintain pelvic health (prevention) or to treat dysfunctions that have already appeared, such as incontinence, sexual dysfunctions (dyspareunia, vaginismus, anorgasmia…), dysmenorrhea (endometriosis, menstrual pains…), mucosal imbalances (menopause or women who have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, for example), chronic pelvic pain…

Pre-surgery and/or post-surgery: for example for hysterectomies, when they have needed surgery for hernias, prolapses or incontinence…

At Clínica Eupnea Palamós we accompany the woman during pregnancy to remove pressure on the structures, balance the body throughout the process of change and maintain the connection to the maximum of the CALP.

In addition, we prepare the pregnant woman through physical activity and childbirth preparation exercises.

Finally, we accompany and treat women right after giving birth (during quarantine) and until their complete recovery (until the woman has recovered the pre-pregnancy state in all respects: physical, hormonal, weight , physical exercise, previous sexual life…).

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